Hopsonomy Rebrand Case Study
Client: Matt Nelson, CEO & Founder of Hopsonomy
Creative Director: Danny Harms
Hopsonomy is an online learning platform that teaches how to sell craft beer. I was hired as Creative Director to create a new brand identity. I rebuilt Hopsonomy from the ground up to position the company to speak directly to a B2B audience and offer subscriptions for teams as an easy-to-use tool to teach servers, waiters, and other employees to sell craft beer. 
I chose an illustrated art direction to stand out from Hopsonomy’s beer education competitors, along with several other reasons. We focused on approachability because the world of craft beer can often intimidate beginners. To speed production and meet the need to make hundreds of course illustrations, icons, and marketing materials, we moved to a simple, minimalistic art style that was versatile and fast to produce without sacrificing design quality, clarity, or charm.

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